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My New Lawn Sign

                                                      Rain and wind carry leaves and other pollutants into the storm drain. Most of our storm drains empty directly into Minnehaha Creek or Lake Harriet; a few drain directly to the Mississippi River. Leaves and grass clippings contain phosphorus. Phosphorus … Continue reading

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Syrian Climate Refugees

Climate Refugees                                            This is an incredible story about how drought was one of the sparks for the Syrian Civil War. From 2006 to 2010 Syria had a serious drought.  Farmers lost 80% of their cattle, and 60% of the country became … Continue reading

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Labor Day Thoughts

 We value our Employees                            The following is written on my yogurt container, ” We value our employees.  We are a family-run company in California with just over 50 employees.   We pay a competitive wage to all our staff members and provide … Continue reading

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