New Monarch Butterflies

This is why you should plant milkweed.

The story of three new monarch butterflies, August 2014:

First, swamp milkweed


Then four monarch caterpillars


A few weeks later, vibrant colored monarchs


Next I discovered three empty chrysalis hanging on goldenrod !


Yahoo, the caterpillars had evolved into beautiful monarch butterflies!

Health Conscious People Should Avoid

Avoid plastic, fill your glass or metal bottles with liquid
Avoid plastic, fill your glass or metal bottles with liquid

I have written about many of these items in other blogs, and this pulls many of my ideas together.  I could add other items that I believe are harmful such as pesticides, but I don’t want to distract from this excellent essay. The below ideas are from:

If you care about your health avoid these:

1. Conventional skin and body care products

2. Junk Food

3. Plastic Containers

4. Non-stick cookware

5. Household cleaners

6. Nail polish and perfume

7. Factory-farmed meat

8. Factory-made clothes from China and other low wage countries

Please view the complete slide-show below:

Use Glass Containers
Use Glass Containers

Climate March, September 21, New York City

970832_10153091136195497_1060532036_nOn September 21, WWF, Climate Reality, Sierra Club,
350.Org, Health4earth and many others are participating
in the People’s Climate March in New York City.
And we need you to be there with us!
Visit WWF's Website Action Update!
WWF march for climate change
Dear Friend,

We need your help—for the well-being of all species and especially for your family, friends and community. On September 21, WWF, in partnership with hundreds of other organizations, is participating in the People’s Climate March in New York City. And we need you to be there with us.

The march will kick off a week of climate action in New York and set the tone for world leaders as they head into a United Nations summit on the climate crisis two days later.

This is our moment to take a stand: be a part of a united call to protect our future.Let’s make sure our planet—including the people and species who share it—is rightfully represented at the Summit.

By joining us on September 21, you will help advocate for the health of our planet and make sure our voices are heard in the fight against climate change.

When we act together, we achieve amazing results. History’s great rallies and marches show us—you can make a difference.

Together, we can cultivate a world in which people and nature thrive together. A world with an economy that works for people and the planet. A world safe from the ravages of climate change. A world with clean air and water. A world with healthy communities.

To change everything, we need everyone. Join us by marching in New York City or taking action on that same day from your home town.

I'm going to the march
I'll participate in other ways

August, Get Outside!

Monarch caterpillars on swamp milkweed
Monarch caterpillars on swamp milkweed

Superior views,  August 2014

August sunset in a murky sky
August sunset in a murky sky

August is the best month of the year on Lake Superior.  The weather is perfect, and there is so much to enjoy.  The dog days of summer don’t happen here, and it is perfect to be active outside.

Many baby birds are everywhere . The young chickadees, purple finch, and song sparrows are more interested in  playing and having fun than their safety. A song sparrows even tries to play with a chipmunk.  Grosbeaks and vireos eat berries from the elderberry bushes that are a month late to bloom. Screeching juvenile eagles sit in the white pine overlooking Lake Superior, but the day’s excitement settles down when a fox walks through to check out the days activity.

Temperatures are 70 degree perfect, but the sun is murky and the lake hazy from wild fires in Canada,

Many pollinator plants are trying to bloom because of the still cold lake, and the bee and butterfly numbers are low as they wait for their favorites to blossom!   The very best has been the swamp milkweed with four monarch caterpillars eating their leaves.

Swamp Milkweed
Swamp Milkweed

Enjoy your Exercise!

1711-msp2Enjoy the Outdoors as You Exercise

I am excited to become a Move It Monday Ambassador.  It is my passion to walk or bike and appreciate the beauty of the outdoors.  As you walk notice the birds, butterflies, colors of the day as well as the trees, plants, flowers  and whatever is part of your outdoor space. It is a beautiful and fascinating world, get moving and have fun.  Today as I was walking in Northern Wisconsin I saw a fox, an eagle, monarchs butterflies, and three other butterfly species. I heard song sparrows and white-throated sparrows sing.

Monday, August 25

Fresh sunny air after a rain storm… Great for a 3 mile walk. I saw 3 monarchs, a comma butterfly and migrating kinglets (little birds).

August 4,

This morning on my walk, August 4, I saw monarch and fritillary butterflies.  Also, I heard a veery sing and saw flicker woodpeckers.  


Monday, August 17,

Yesterday I walked to the Farmer’s Market, today I walked 2 miles to shopping and the library.  A great way to get easy exercise!

Appreciate our earth and Enjoy!


Move it Monday and everyday!



Study Links Styrofoam to Cancer

I have been writing about the harm of Styrofoam on these pages for the past year.  Now there is new evidence:

Styrofoam pulled out of Minneapolis lakes
Styrofoam pulled out of Minneapolis lakes

NEVER take Styrofoam containers or cups

What products have styrene? or Styrofoam

This is from

Styrene is used to make styrofoam and other plastics. Styrene is all over the place. It lines your refrigerator, it’s in building insulation, in your carpet, it’s in latex and rubber and other products. So okay, maybe you can’t afford to ditch the refrigerator and carpet today. What can you do? Start by avoiding:

  1. Foam cups for holding coffee and hot tea.
  2. Foam plates and bowls that could hold hot foods.
  3. Takeout containers made from foam.
  4. The number 6 on plastic products. They don’t look like foam but do have styrene.

Here’s some advice from Dr. Weil’s well known website:

Styrene isn’t known to leach out of hard plastics, but some evidence suggests that it can leach out of foam food containers and cups when food or drinks are hot–not when they’re cold. Based on what we now know, you’re probably safe using styrene foam cups for cold drinks, but I wouldn’t use them for hot coffee or tea, and I would avoid using plastic containers for hot foods.

Styrene Officially Linked to Cancer