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A Brew of Spiders

“Once you begin watching spiders, you haven’t time for much else.”  ― E.B. White I have a love-hate relationship with spiders. They are a mess to pick up after, leaving droppings on my floors and the outside of my house. They build webs … Continue reading

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A Love Note To the USA From Canada “The moral of the story is this: be kind to people, and encourage kindness when you see it. After the horrible, hurtful things that have been said in this election cycle, we absolutely need more empathy and compassion in … Continue reading

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October 2016, Superior Views

October 2016 October has been spectacular on the south shore of Lake Superior.  The lake is a deep rich blue and everything on shore is bright gold.  The red of the maples has evolved into gold, blending with the yellow birch and aspen. The entire outdoors reflects a pleasant … Continue reading

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My Take On Regulations

“I’m going to slash government regulations!”  Candidates for office Who is their audience for this absurdity? This is my simple take on a very complex issue. Many candidates for office talk about cutting regulations.  What are they talking about?  Why … Continue reading

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When It Comes To Plastic

Yesterday I was at the public library in Superior, Wisconsin.  I was impressed with an educational display by Wisconsin Coastal Management . They had a large display of trash that a student group had picked up from a one day beach … Continue reading

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Get into the Recycle Mindset!

An interesting video comparing recycling in the United States and Germany.  What do you think?? I see soda cans and plastic bottles in the trash. What are we thinking?

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Have an Awesome Week!

October is a marvelous time of the year, but it is also a stressful time with school starting, the days getting shorter, and the temperatures getting colder. For those of us that live in the United States it is exceptionally stressful with the election. Two … Continue reading

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