Refuse Plastic

Refuse Plastic Bags        Each year, Americans throw away some 100 billion polyethylene plastic bags. Only 0.6 percent of bags are recycled.  From Worldwatch                             While standing in line to check out with my groceries an outspoken woman caught my attention.  She was complaining, “All the chemicals in our environment are going to kill us!”  I was … Continue reading “Refuse Plastic”

Plastic-free redo!

The last 3 months have been a real setback to plastic-free living, but now some of the confusion settling down, and we can start to renew commitments to reduce plastic. 2020 which should have been a success story for plastic reduction became a total disaster with all the medical waste, and businesses sliding backward on … Continue reading “Plastic-free redo!”

Good Ideas to Reduce Plastic

This is an excellent blog on reducing plastic from It is so simple! Ecomena’s top ways to reduce plastic are: 1. Bring your own shopping bags 2. Buy bulk and refill your own containers 3. Don’t purchase bottled water 4. Say “No” to straws Read the entire blog here And, Health4earth on Refuse Plastic  … Continue reading “Good Ideas to Reduce Plastic”

Jeff Bridges On Single-Use Plastic

Jeff Bridges has taken on plastic waste and has an excellent video and list of ways to reduce your plastic pollution.  See his video here. Here are 10 easy ways to reduce your plastic footprint: Bring your own shopping bag to the grocery store Stop buying bottled water – Use a reusable bottle instead Say no to … Continue reading “Jeff Bridges On Single-Use Plastic”

Surprising Things About Plastic

I continue to try to get everyone to think about the amount of plastic we use in our lives. Below are some ways we can reduce plastic.  When I shop I constantly think how I can avoid products packed in plastic,  and how to reuse any plastic I already have. Below are some surprising facts about … Continue reading “Surprising Things About Plastic”

NO to Plastic Bags

This letter to the editor was printed in the Star Tribune on October 24, 2014 Are PLASTIC BAGS NEEDED? Companies like Target ought to at least ask After a full day on the University of Minnesota campus, I stopped by the new Target Express in Dinkytown. I bought four small items — and acquired two … Continue reading “NO to Plastic Bags”

California Bans the Plastic Bag!

This is FABULOUS news: Today as I shopped at a Jewel Osco grocery store in Chicago, I was sick to see every item loaded into a plastic bag. I found the same situation as I traveled through New York and Michigan last week. In Minnesota I see more reusable bags and brown paper bags. This … Continue reading “California Bans the Plastic Bag!”

Massive Threats to Our Oceans

I’ve pledged to reduce single-use plastic in my life, Refuse plastic straws & cutlery, use refillable water bottles, coffee cups, & bring my own bag to the store. Together we can do this! Join me & take the challenge  Mick Jagger Why would you ever purchase bottled water? It contains plastic fibers. Read here Two thirds … Continue reading “Massive Threats to Our Oceans”

I Hate Styrofoam

Imagine eating or drinking your coffee/tea or dinner out of a Styrofoam container. ICK! I can’t imagine, but many people do??? Styrofoam makes food taste terrible, and it is made from cancer causing material. Why would you eat/drink from it? I am on a road trip through the southern part of the United States. Styrofoam is … Continue reading “I Hate Styrofoam”

E-Commerce Comes At A Price

How can E-Commerce be more environmentally friendly?   As a person who prefers to walk or take the bus to do my shopping, I thought Fed Ex and UPS delivering packages was a good thing; it cut down on my driving. packages came in cardboard, not plastic, and it seemed like an efficient way to shop. I don’t like … Continue reading “E-Commerce Comes At A Price”