Reuse and Reduce

Bring your own reusable bag

The very best thing you can do for our earth is to consume less.

Do we need all the things we buy?

How can we simplify our lives and help our earth?

Easy TIPS to reuse, refuse and reduce:

-Use reusable water bottles and washable containers instead of plastic bottles.

-Take reusable bags and containers shopping with you.

-Use cloth napkins as much as possible.

-Use cloth towels or washable rags instead of paper towels.

-Shop where you can refill your own containers instead of using plastic bags.  Co-ops do this. Use this guide or ask me for help shopping in bulk

-Give the things you don’t use to someone who can, such as Goodwill or the many other organizations that collect used items.

-Shop consignment and second hand stores, and garage sales.

– Choose restaurants that use real dishes and bring your own take home container.

-Use your public library!!

-Leave your car at home, carpool, walk, or use public transportation.

-Refuse all styrofoam cups and containers.

Buy LESS      Video

One thought on “Reuse and Reduce”

  1. It is good to have reminders on how to reduce and re use. I did a post today and when I was saying use a cottonball was thinking should I say use a cloth (but would they) I guess if you don’t say it no one will think it. Thank you again

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