Reduce Chemicals

028Do we need to use so many chemicals? 

We are harming our health, our lakes, rivers  water supply, and our air with all the chemicals we use.  I hate to think of the problems our children will have as adults because of the chemicals all of us have gotten used to using.  Unfortunately, many are harmful and are building up in our bodies and environment.

English: No name baking soda
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So how can we reduce chemical use?

First, do not use Triclosan which is an antibiotic in hand wash and soap.

Second, use toxic free cleaners.  This is my All-Purpose cleaning recipe:  Place the following in a heavy-duty spray bottle: 3 1/2 cups warm water, ¼ Cup vinegar, 2 tsp. Borax, 2 drops lemon essential oil. Gently mix together.  Finally, add ¼ Cup of  7th Generation dish soap. See link to other recipes below.

Third, Use only chemical and fragrance free products on your skin, and hair.  However, I do recommend a lightly scented aluminum free deodorant dipped in baking soda, you will love it!

Fourth, Using Native Plants and creating less lawn surface reduces your need for chemicals! Many other plants don’t need chemicals either.  My shrub roses do just fine without chemicals.  Houseplants are healthy for your home environment, but I wouldn’t fill them full of fertilizers.  Ask at your local garden store for house plants that thrive without being chemicalized.

Fifth, recycle and reduce the amount of plastics you use.

Sixth, purchase organic fruits and vegetables.

Seventh, Never use lawn products containing neonicotinoids. They are killing bees, butterflies and I wonder what else?

#EcoFact Only a few hundred of the more than 80,000 chemicals in use in the US have been tested for safety. President’s Cancer Panel

Because we use so many:

For most of us it is easy to cut down on harmful chemicals whether it be nail polish remover, hair dye, bleach or lawn chemicals because we use so many.  It takes time to adjust to a non-toxic lifestyle, and I thought fragrance free would never work for me, but now most of the old products I previously used seem really smelly! It is not difficult to become more aware of how chemical dependent we have become, and together we can make a big difference for our own health and the health of our earth.

See the composting page to make your own healthy lawn and plant nutrients or

Links to chemical free cleaning recipes are:  Organic laundry soap


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