Everyday Items you should replace!

Use real dishes
Use real dishes

Many of these items I have written about before. This is a good reminder to replace some things around our homes like our toothbrushes.  Pesticides, weed killers, and lawn fertilizers should be eliminated.

Everyday items that you’d be better off without or should replace:

Use vinegar and baking soda for cleaning
Use vinegar and baking soda for cleaning
  • “Clearing your kitchen of artificial sweeteners, plastic food containers, non-stick cookware, and replacing old spices will eliminate common sources of toxins and boost your health
  • Air fresheners, toiletries and cosmetics, antibacterial soap, and commercial cleaners are other sources of toxins to eliminate.”  This list is from:  www.mercola.com

 I hope you will read the article below:


Never throw any of these items down the drain or toilet, and recycle the containers if possible!  They should go in the landfill garbage or brought to hazardous waste collections. Spices can be composted, and purchased in small bulk amounts at food coops.  Store your  spices in small glass bottles.





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