Styrofoam: Who should take responsibility?

Letter published in the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Styrofoam pulled out of Minneapolis lakes
Styrofoam pulled out of Minneapolis lakes


It is a real, and lingering, problem

Styrofoam is not an imaginary problem. My husband and I have spent this spring picking Styrofoam out of Lake Harriet and off the banks of the Minnehaha Creek. We have been shocked to see how it breaks into tiny particles that cannot be picked up. These particles will not dissolve, and probably will be in our lakes for generations. In contrast to a May 20 commentary (“Minneapolis: City of lightweight leaders”), we applaud the Minneapolis City Council for its concern for our lakes and waterways.

Styrofoam is expensive and difficult to recycle. Minneapolis is trying to get residents to recycle cans and bottles; adding Styrofoam would add another enormous expense. Businesses that offer polystyrene cups and containers should be forced to offer and manage the recycling of these containers. Why does government need to be there to pick up the mess of business?


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