Marvelous Sounds of Nature

This is best time of year to be outside and listen to the symphony of nature!


When many of our nesting birds reach their nesting area, they sing their beautiful unique song. Many are trying to attract a mate.  In our yard the house wren sings constantly.  Up north the songs of the red start warblers, song sparrow and white-throated sparrows just have to make you happy.  Listen to the White-throated sparrow:

I loved this op-ed in the Star Tribune:

The reason I dwell on how I do my yardwork is because this is the one task of homeownership that does not seem like a chore. Being outside with the sights and sounds of nature is something I would miss if I used a timesaving, noise-producing gadget.

I wish some of my neighbors would also stop, look and listen to nature’s surround sound theater.”  Ben Cherryhomes in  Stop and listen to the sounds in nature!  Turn off your noisy yard machines.

You do not need to do yard work to enjoy the sounds of May/June.  Just walk around the block or walk to a nearby park.  This marvelous symphony doesn’t last long.  Many birds will stop singing after the eggs of the next generation are laid.


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