Enjoy your Exercise!

1711-msp2Enjoy the Outdoors as You Exercise

I am excited to become a Move It Monday Ambassador.  It is my passion to walk or bike and appreciate the beauty of the outdoors.  As you walk notice the birds, butterflies, colors of the day as well as the trees, plants, flowers  and whatever is part of your outdoor space. It is a beautiful and fascinating world, get moving and have fun.  Today as I was walking in Northern Wisconsin I saw a fox, an eagle, monarchs butterflies, and three other butterfly species. I heard song sparrows and white-throated sparrows sing.

Monday, August 25

Fresh sunny air after a rain storm… Great for a 3 mile walk. I saw 3 monarchs, a comma butterfly and migrating kinglets (little birds).

August 4,

This morning on my walk, August 4, I saw monarch and fritillary butterflies.  Also, I heard a veery sing and saw flicker woodpeckers.  


Monday, August 17,

Yesterday I walked to the Farmer’s Market, today I walked 2 miles to shopping and the library.  A great way to get easy exercise!

Appreciate our earth and Enjoy!


Move it Monday and everyday!



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