You Have a Voice, Please Vote!


If you don’t vote you are giving more power to the billionaires that pay for all the negative ads…Which is exactly what they want!! This is about all of us, not just a few.



“No other democratic nation makes voting as difficult as it is in the United States” Larry Jacobs University of Minnesota, Humphrey Institute

Most of would agree there is too much money being spent in this election.  The billionaires against billionaires is not in the best interest of any of us. They want to further THEIR agenda. is impossible to sort out any truth from all the lies. The integrity of democracy is in serious trouble.  More than ever your vote is needed. If you care about our earth, GMOs, violence against women and children, minimum-wage, healthcare,, or the control big corporations have on our country, you must vote!!  Your vote does matter, and the candidates are not all the same!

How can you vote and support our democratic way of life?

1. Do NOT make your election choices from campaign ads….Too many lies, negativity and verbal garbage!  I wouldn’t watch or listen to any of these silly ads.

1. Google your state’s Secretary of State to see a sample ballot ( for example, Minnesota Secretary of State). The ballot looks overwhelming at first, but if you take time to look at it, you will make sense of it.  Remember you don’t need to vote for every race, but inform yourself about what and for whom to vote

3. Find your polling place on the same Secretary of State Website.

4. Google candidates to find what issues they care about and how do they align with your values.  Most of the time you can figure what is important to them by skimming their website.
wpid-wp-1412011643040.jpeg4. Go vote on Tuesday, November 4, even if it is for just one candidate or one issue.

5. Support organizations like Public Citizen, or Common Cause which work to end Citizen’s United.  www/

*** Above cartoon by Sack in the Minneapolis Star Tribune  Why the election gloom? An editorial by /Washington Post

#GetMoneyOut.  #ncsen

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