2014, The Hottest Year On Record!

970832_10153091136195497_1060532036_n“Yesterday NOAA and NASA reported that 2014 temperatures (land and ocean) were the warmest globally since records began in 1880. Fifteen of the last 17 years have been the warmest ever recorded. There will still be cold fronts, but temperatures will continue to rise.  Who cares? Anyone living near rising sea levels– and the rest of us who like to eat. A warmer wetter atmosphere is resulting in climate volatility, more wild weather swings between drought and flood, putting more pressure on agriculture and fresh water supplies.” Paul Douglas in the Startribune.com on January 17, 2015.

We can all make a difference in stopping this rapid increase:960133_616554661744515_1305522394_n

1. Carpool, walk and take public transportation to reduce automobile usage.

2. Turn of lights and electronics when they are not in use.



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