Prompt: Blogger In A Strange Land

#Blogging101 Prompt     I just had to say something!

Styrofoam I pulled out of  lakes breaking into small pieces
Styrofoam I pulled out of lakes breaking into small pieces

This past January when I was visiting one of the most beautiful places on earth, the Caribbean, I observed litter that upset me. Yes, I am obsessed with litter and clean water.  Litter along waterways is unacceptable.  The shock was that some local restaurants only served their food in Styrofoam boxes. The Styrofoam boxes were littering the street gutters and shoreline.  I wanted no part of this Styrofoam disaster, and searched for food on real plates.  Often they had to wash plates just for us.

Trash in the Caribbean
Trash in the Caribbean

Why does this upset me? Styrofoam breaks into tiny pieces and no one knows how long it will last in our oceans, maybe forever.  Not good for sea life or ocean health. Styrofoam can be recycled, but it is very hard to find. Manufacturers of Styrofoam as well as Coca-Cola and plastic bottle industry should recycle the harmful products they produce, and we should all avoid Styrofoam and plastic bottles as much as possible.


3 thoughts on “Prompt: Blogger In A Strange Land”

  1. I agree with your stance. My parents are from the Caribbean and a lot of people there still burn their trash to get rd of it. Its not as prevalent to recycle that I have seen. It really makes me sad.

  2. Yes Styrofoam is awful. I noticed a lot of it plastic bottles and cans on my walk today now that snow is gone. I was thinking I would bring a garbage bag with me tomorrow and see if I can re-cycle some of it. But I don’t know where it has been and so will need gloves too. Oh and my post tomorrow is ideas on re-using plastic bottles. I now eventually they end up in recycling but it is my answer now for those who use them but your idea not to is a better one. Unfortunately, that isn’t going to happen as fast as it should.

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