Fishing Opener a BIG Deal

Double Crested Cormorant
Double-Crested Cormorant

Saturday, May 9, is Minnesota’s fishing opener, and is an exciting time for sportsmen. Minnesota, the state of over 10,000 lakes, works draws people from all over the country for this big day. The state even kills the sleek black cormorants to protect the ability to fish walleye. See the story below:

The irony to me is we shoot beautiful birds for individuals to fish, but are unable to regulate harmful farm run off.  Chemicals that are harmful to people, fish and other wildlife!  Half  the lakes and rivers in southern Minnesota are too polluted much of the time for safe swimming and fishing. Story below:  

Farmers under the Clean Water Act are not regulated like every other community and industry.  Farmers should have to meet the same water pollution standards as everyone else.  The taxpayers in Des Moines, Iowa and communities in Minnesota need to spend millions to make their water safe to drink because of nitrates from farm run off in their drinking water:  Iowa’s largest water utility is suing county boards for polluting rivers the city uses for drinking water. At the heart of the fight is whether or not farmers should be forced to comply with federal water quality standards.  What do you think?


Is farm run off harming this beautiful lake?
Is farm run off harming this beautiful lake?

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