Autumnal Exquinox

The trees turn a little bit red/orange every day
The trees turn a little  more red/orange every day

There are many warm wonderful things about every season!

Superior Views/ Autumnal equinox
Two adult eagles talk and screech most of the day, and we still hear the unique calls of the loons and sandhill cranes.

The last monarch nectars on milkweed.
The last monarch nectars on milkweed.

Fall is a magnificent season, but why does it make all us northerners just a little sad? There are too many good byes. Our days have become noticeable shorter stimulating many of the changes we see.
Good-bye to many of the things I love until next spring:

Good bye to the magnificent monarch butterflies as they journey south to Mexico.

Good-bye to the ruby-throat hummingbirds that bring such energetic joy,and the song birds that serenade me daily.

Good-bye to the bright pollinator plants that bring in butterflies and bees and birds to our yard.
Good-bye to the lush green forests that surround Lake Superior and the north country, and to wonderful outdoor meals on the banks of the big lake.

And it is sad to see our long long days of light disappear into darkness.  Here is the Gershwin song Summertime to get you to the next equinox on March 20-21, 2016:

This is well-written blog about autumn by a young woman from Canada:

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