Rebuilding a War Ravaged Country



My husband and I are independent travelers in Eastern Europe. We are currently in Kosovo, a country rebuilding from a war that ended June, 1999. Rebuilding is taking place everywhere.
Yesterday two men couldn’t stop telling us how awful the war had been for them. They had rebuilt their homes with their own hands without humanitarian aid. According to them,  Kosovo couldn’t account for how they had spent the funds, corruption?
Many buildings and houses are unfinished.



Many power outages and generators running. See power poles :


I love the promenades and many walk on them.


War is lose lose. Unfortunately, there are too many childish men playing with toys of which they don’t perceive the consequences.  Not only does war kill innocent people, destroy families and waste valuable resources,  it is so hard on our earth. I wish good luck to the people of Kosovo and hope they can elect leaders they trust and are free from corruption.



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