October 2015, Warmest on Record

Worriesome, the North and South Poles!
Worrisome, the North and South Poles!


From the Washington Post:

It was Earth’s warmest October ever recorded and it wasn’t even close. The record-shattering month was right in step with most of the preceding months in 2015 — which is positioned to easily rank as the warmest year on record.

New data from the Japan Meteorological Agency and NASA show that the planet obliterated October records established just last year.  October 2015 out-baked October 2014 by 0.34 degrees (0.19 Celsius) and 0.32 degrees (0.18 Celsius) in JMA and NASA’s analyses, respectively


And the warming continues. The first half of November 2015, temperatures were 11 to 12 degrees above normal in Minnesota and Wisconsin!