24 inches of snow!

Lake Superior in December
A December Lake Superior

December 1, is the beginning of meterological winter, and it showed its true winter colors by stiking the south shore of Lake Suprerior with a massive snowfall.  Yikes, have you tried to shovel 24 inches of snow? Never have we seen so much snow. It’s beautiful, but some people haven’t managed to get shoveled out 4 days later. Snow plows, trucks and snow blowers have broken down. A strong back/legs and a good snow shovel needed, and many help their neighbors.  I am so thankful for our snow plower who faithfully cleared our 600 foot driveway. Read about the snow here.

Heavy snow hangs on branches
Many balsam trees wear a snow skirt.

With such heavy snow I worry about the survival of wildlife. For a few days I only saw crows, but today the chickadees are back singing. They are at the feeder with their friends the nuthatches, and blue jays and wood peckers are now out looking for food. The deer had to contend with deer hunting last week, and now they have to forge for food in almost impossible conditions. Deer tracks can be spotted in driveways so some have survived hunting and a major snowstorm, but the winter food find will be tough for them. See tracking animals

LAke Superior bank
Water from the lake covers the trees


A New Year

A New Year on Lake Superior

Lake Superior beyond the lake sprayed trees
Lake Superior beyond the lake sprayed trees
unusual snow deposts
Unusual snow deposits, koala bears climb the tree?

Embrace the beauty

Snowshoe through snowy balsams

Into deer bedrooms

Five days of below zero cold.  The magnificent beauty of winter is at it’s best and the quality of the snow for snowshoeing is perfect. Chickadees, downy and pileated woodpeckers work to find food. Deer tracks cover the woods. The bay in front of our house has frozen over, but a strong lake wind could change that in a minute. A fisherman has ventured out on the tenuous ice.

Shrew tracks
Shrew tracks

And…my 3 year old buck friend has survived another hunting season!