A Vote For Our Earth

Vote for our earth
My thoughts are with those trying to recover from the terrible devastation of Hurricane Sandy, the worst storm ever experienced by New Jersey. Meteorologists say this is the new normal? This year in Minnesota areas have had 10 inch rainfalls surrounded by serious drought.
Tuesday’s vote is an important vote for our earth. Are we heading backward to deny that climate change exists or will we move forward actions that help our air, water, wildlife, and our own health? President Obama has taken historic action to protect our environment: Such as fuel efficiency standards, increased clean energy, worked with the international community, and he believes in the EPA and FEMA!
Some candidates sound like business can do no wrong. I am sorry business does need regulation. Just observe the recent meningitis crisis, the hazardous waste dumps and the damage fracking is bringing. Studies show the public thinks that business and environmental standards can work together.
Please remember our earth when you cast all your votes on Tuesday.

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