Refuse Plastic

Refuse Plastic Bags       

Each year, Americans throw away some 100 billion polyethylene plastic bags. Only 0.6 percent of bags are recycled.  From Worldwatch                            

Remember your reusable bags
Remember your reusable bags

While standing in line to check out with my groceries an outspoken woman caught my attention.  She was complaining, “All the chemicals in our environment are going to kill us!”  I was pleased with her passion until she loaded her groceries into 10 bags of plastic.  What is wrong with this picture? Plastic bags are one of the most harmful things to our environment.  They litter our landscapes, clog waterways, and kill birds and mammals. Thousands of marine mammals die each year after swallowing or choking on discarded plastic bags.  Plastic takes many years to break down, and only a small percentage of them are recycled.  As they spend thousands of years in the landfill they continue to leach out harmful chemicals into the environment.  Because of all these negative consequences, how could anyone forget their reusable bags when they go shopping?

How can we cut down on plastic bags?

*Always bring your washable reusable bag shopping, and refuse plastic bags.

*Bring refillable containers and cloth mesh bags for your purchases.

*My coops have brown paper type lunch sack bags which I always choose, and then compost. Regular grocery stores let me bring paper sacks for bulk and produce.  I know this might seem extreme, but not using plastic bags makes me feel great!

Reuse plastic bags if possible and always recycle them .  Many grocery stores have recycling collection containers for plastic bags. Plastic bags should be dry and clean to recycle, and cut off the zip-lock edge.  I turn them inside out and dry in my laundry tub before recycling.

Below is a very sad video on how fatal plastic is to birds:

Dangers of Plastic (Environmental Hazards)

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