Breast Cancer in Young Women: Use Less Chemicals

Upsetting News about Breast Cancer:


How can You Reduce your use of Chemicals? I know I am naïve, but I think it is the government’s job to protect us from harmful chemicals. Unfortunately there is little reliable research on most of the chemicals we put on our skin, hair and mouths. After reading the book Ecoholic by Adria Vasil, I wondered why I would put chemicals on my body when I never put chemicals on my yard or plants? I went to my local coop to research organic beauty products. Choices for organic body products are not huge, and they are expensive, but this is the only body you have and this should be a priority. Deodorant has some harmful chemicals, and I would start with a chemical free deodorant.


Next, I would purchase an organic or a scent free body lotion, and then research the ingredients in other products you use. Part of the mission of this website is to encourage the use of less chemicals, and I hope the list below will help you make smarter cosmetic choices and have a healthier life in 2013. As with everything we purchase, it is always important to read the labels and purchase low carbon impact products( buy local and non-toxic.) Good Luck and remember to recycle all containers when you are finished. Environmental writer, Adria Vasil has 15 chemicals to avoid in our personal body products:  Her list follows:

1. BHA and BHT 2. DEA/MEA/TEA: (diethanolamine): 3. Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives: 4. Oxybenzone (BP-3/ benzophenone) and octinoxate (octyl methoxycinnamate) 5. Palm oil: unless it’s fair trade/organic 6. Parabens: 7. Parfum/fragrance: 8. PEGs: 9. Petrolatum/paraffin/mineral oil/petroleum distillates: 10. PPD In all permanent hair dyes. 11. Phthalates: 12. Retinyl palmitate: 13. Siloxanes: 14. Sodium laureth sulphate: 15. Triclosan/triclocarban:

The source:

Look up unfamiliar terms at

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