Our Migrating Monarchs

Wild for Monarchs (WFM)     From Wild Ones:  http://www.wildones.org/

On March 11,  Monarch Watch reported that the first faded female Monarch deposited her eggs on a milkweed plant in  Port Lavaca, TX.  “She looked almost transparent with tatter from her long journey.”

“As predicted, it is the lowest population ever recorded at 1.19 hectares.”  Click here for a NY Times article    “The American Midwest’s corn belt is a critical feeding ground for monarchs, which once found a ready source of milkweed growing between the rows of millions of acres of soybean and corn. But the ubiquitous use of herbicide-tolerant crops has enabled farmers to wipe out the milkweed, and with it much of the butterflies’ food supply.”  This is where  Wild Ones members can lend a hand and this is what we will try to help you do through our Wild for Monarchs campaign.

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