Is the Quality of the Air you Breathe Important?


An Environmental Initiative Group and the EPA say the air quality in the metro area of Minneapolis and St. Paul is worse than it should be.  What should be done to reduce the soot particles that hang in our air?

Give up your lawn mower??  Years ago when my husband asked for a push mower for his birthday, I was not amused.  How would our already chemical free creeping Charlie lawn ever meet our neighbor’s standards?   I purchased an American made push lawn mower from our local hardware. It was hard for me to use, but my husband was thrilled. Over the years we have evolved.  We are still a chemical free yard, but also a grass-free yard.  We enjoy the birds and butterflies attracted to our native plants, and our “no mow” yard has given us a new summer independence.

Unfortunately, leaf blowers, and wood pit fires thrive in our an urban area?  Freedom is one thing, but when we create unhealthy air for everyone living around us we can do better!  And why do our children have respiratory problems?  Why are many of our friends struggling with cancer?  It is time to connect some dots.

For many of us in the USA lawn mowers are necessary, but what are some things you can do?

  1. Reduce the size of your mowable lawn by planting grasses, sedges and plants that are hardy and attract butterflies and bees.
  2. Buy a new lawn mower with less emission, and use fewer lawn chemicals.
  3. Leave your car at home one day a week.
  4. Minimize your use of leaf blowers.
  5. Stop having open-pit fires.

Butterfly Weed
Butterfly Weed

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