Thoughts On Gobal Warming

                                            DSC00364Thoughts from Minnesota Senator John Marty, Chairman of the Senate Energy Committee, on global warming  “Our children and their children, and the entire human race, are dependent upon the earth for our survival. There is no other planet that we could move to if this planet cannot sustain human life. We need to dramatically reduce our consumption of fossil fuels very quickly, or our children and their children will face catastrophic changes in the environment.
No matter how bold we are in responding this year to the problem, twenty years from now people will wonder how we could have been so timid. It’s time to take thoughtful, yet bold action to develop a framework that will bring Minnesota to a sustainable energy system. “

The whole article below:

So…What can you do as individuals and families to reduce global warming on our planet?  This is too serious to wait for everyone else and government to take steps to reduce fossil fuels.  What can you do today to nurture our earth?

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