Climate Change is Frightening


Climate Change is Real, and it is Frightening

What changes have you seen the past few years because of our changing climate?  Some of the following have frightened me:

– In one year my pollinator plant yard has gone from many beautiful monarchs watching daily hoping they will appear..  Just last year my neighbors said to me, “We enjoy watching all the monarchs in your yard!”  This year, not one monarch.  The bees have just appeared–In August?

– My rain barrel can’t handle the downpours of rain anymore, and he heavy rains run off instead of soaking the plants that need the moisture.

– In between the rain storms is drought.

– I experienced the big June Duluth storm last year: The thunderstorms just kept rolling through for 36 hours washing out roads, bridges and homes.

– The costs for insurance and rebuilding are more than we can comprehend.

– We are insecure about the next big storm or drought!

– Ticks: Many have struggled with Lyme’s Disease.

– Asthma and health problems are worse in the vulnerable.

-The beautiful Paper Birch trees of Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin are dying.

Climate Change is here, it is real, and 97% of climate scientists say it is caused by human activity. If we act quickly we can slow the terrible effects for the future.

Instead of just talking about it we all need to act.  Just by doing one or two of the following will make a big difference:

  1. Combine your driving trips, walk, bike, car pool and take the bus whenever possible.
  2. Turn off lights and electronics when not in use, and reduce the amount you use your air conditioner.
  3. Look for ways your energy use can become more efficient such as insulation, and energy efficient appliances, cars, windows and doors.
  4. Cut your meat consumption, especially beef!
  5. Purchase organic food, and do not use pesticides!
  6. Punish those that pollute: Call your members of Congress and ask them to pass carbon tax legislation to punish those that are polluting our air and water. Support only candidates that believe in climate change.



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