It Is Cold Outside, Make Some Soup!

When it’s cold, make soup from whatever you have in your refrigerator.  This is just a suggestion.

Quinoa Vegetable Soup

3 carrots cleaned and chopped

Quinoa Vegetable Soup
Quinoa Vegetable Soup

2 celery ribs chopped

1 small zucchini sliced

1 sweet apple diced (I used fireside)

green beans  fresh, frozen or canned  1 -2 cups

2 vegan vegetable broth cubes

2 bay leaves

1 T basil

½ cup rinsed fair trade quinoa

2 cloves garlic

1 ½  tsp sea salt

2 pinches of rosemary

About 7 cups of water

Brown onion in a large pot until it just begins to turn brown. Next add apple, garlic and the remainder of vegetables.   Stir and fry about 5 minutes.   Add salt, broth cubes, basil, bay leaf, quinoa, and water.  Simmer for about one hour.  Serve hot with bread, crackers and grated cheese.


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