Earth Day on Lake Superior

047 Lake Superior is still covered with thick ice, but it is very alive, and it talks and groans. Everything surrounding the lake radiates the hope of spring.  The song sparrow sings his spring song as he sits overlooking and lake, and a juvenile eagle watches for ice-out from his favorite white pine post.

New migrating birds arrive daily. Some stay, but most rest up and journey across the lake.  The ancient sand hill cranes,and purple finch will be nesting in the neighborhood.  Busy flickers and yellow-bellied sap suckers explore new trees before they travel further, and the flitting kinglets and yellow rumps will soon be on their way north.

A hermit thrush is exhausted and rests on a tree branch.

Our fox friend is marking his territory and the wolves/coyotes howl under the clear starry nights.

Bright green ferns are under the snow
Bright green ferns are under the snow

Every day is unique and bring constant challenges to the vegetation and wildlife

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