Record Cold and Record Heat


Minneapolis will probably set a record cold for this week’s temperatures, and British Columbia and the Arctic might set record heat records.

When I travel, people often say, “Minnesota, it is really cold there!” This week’s cold spell during the All-Star Game is going to reinforce those beliefs.  Usually this is the hottest week of the year in Minnesota with average highs in the 80s F.

As someone who loves outdoor activity, I love cooler temperatures, but what is scary is the record heat in British Columbia and the Arctic.

From Minnesota Public Radio: As Minnesota shivers today in record July cold, western Canada is baking, and literally burning up in record heat.

This unprecedented “high amplitude” jet stream pattern is producing record cold and record heat at close range within North America.

Temperatures reached 105 degrees Sunday in parts of British Columbia. At least 20 weather stations across western Canada set high temperature records Sunday.    Get the entire story from Paul Huttner at MPR

And from Paul Douglas at the Minneapolis

Climate Change for Dummies. Here’s an excerpt of an Op-Ed at the Concord Monitor: “…I distinctly remember my professor Richard Bopp, researcher at Goddard Institute for Space Studies, telling us that the only thing he knew was that you could not overload such a delicately balanced system like our atmosphere and not have something change. The idea that everything in the world would gradually and evenly rise in temperature was unlikely, but he and his colleagues could not offer an alternative at that time. Well, 25 years later, we have a better idea. Thanks to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a voluntary 2,000-member group of scientists committed to understanding climate change, we can verify that we are experiencing more severe weather and increases of ocean levels, glacial melting and average temperature…”



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