Thank you, Pope Francis!

1655102_897481996985112_4241054922774132646_oI thank Pope Francis, along with millions throughout the world, for encouraging churches and all of us to discuss and think about our unsustainable habits. Pope Francis is concerned with the lack of fresh drinking water, the loss of bio-diversity, and the diminished quality of life many on our planet are experiencing. The Pope and I would disagree on birth control, and the sustainability large families, but I think his other ideas are right on! The list below is the best list I have seen on things we can all do to reduce our carbon use. Below is from Priest Father Rocky:

10 things you can do to implement “Laudato Si.”

1. Use 10% less air conditioning — in home and in car
2. Use 10% less fuel — at home and in car
3. Drive 10% slower
4. Use scrap paper for your first draft
5. Use natural light instead of electric whenever possible
6. Turn off the lights when you leave the room
7. Use real plates, napkins, and cups: not paper and plastic
8. Reduce water consumption (recycle shower water into the holding tanks for toilets)
9. Be respectful at home: “please and thank you”
10. Say Grace BEFORE and AFTER meals.

And a Video:


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