GMO labeling, Consumers want Information!


A GMO free protein source to add to stirfry or meatless spaghetti
A non-GMO protein source perfect for meatless Monday!

The letter below was in the Minneapolis Star Tribune today. As a person with many food intolerances labeling is important, and I applaud the many that are asking for better transparency. My shortened version of this letter:

To the editor:  Whether genetically modified foods are safe or not, is beside the point. Consumers should have all of the information they need to make a decision. That is an aspect of the free market that many sellers tend to forget.

Many people are allergic to peanuts. Should products that contain peanuts as a minor ingredient be labeled with that information? Many people don’t wish to eat certain foods for the variety of health or ethical reasons. If they are opposed to factory farming, should farmers who engage in sustainable practices be prevented from labeling their products?

Sellers want to know all they can about their buyers, but don’t want buyers to know much about them other than their brand name. Melvyn Magree

One more thing I have to add.  Organic products do NOT have GMOs

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