Syrian Climate Refugees

Climate Refugees                                           

A picture I took in Jordan(Syria's neighbor) this spring.
A picture I took in Jordan(Syria’s neighbor) this spring.

This is an incredible story about how drought was one of the sparks for the Syrian Civil War.

From 2006 to 2010 Syria had a serious drought.  Farmers lost 80% of their cattle, and 60% of the country became desert.  With farming losses they became Climate Refugees moving to the Syrian cities looking for work. The Syrian government was not happy with the situation.  As their wells dried up they needed to drill new wells.  The permits for new wells were awarded on a sectarian basis so they had to drill illegal wells.  They felt their country was discriminating against them.  Drought creating conflict. Conflict after conflict, and then a civil war!

Listen to the NPR story:

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