Happy Spring!

The first day of spring. a beautiful full moon, and the International Day of Happiness all in one day.
I hope your day is happy.  Please enjoy, find beauty, and spend time outdoors!
The United Nations has declared that March 20, the first day of spring, as International Happiness Day, and the new World Happiness report is below.



Happiness is something you bring to life!” Wayne Dyer

And from Actions For Happiness:

Governments should take happiness more seriously than economic measures if they want to stay in power, says UN-backed Report

WHR 2019 Image

  • 7th World Happiness Report released on the United Nations International Day of Happiness 20th March 2019
  • Research on voting habits shows happy people are more likely to vote to keep governments in power
  • Finland retains 1st place in happiness rankings; UK rises 4 places to 15th
  • Unhappy people were more likely to vote for Brexit and Trump
  • Action for Happiness helps increase happiness in local communities
  • Social media is making young people unhappy


See Actions For Happiness March Calendar here.

Read the 2019 World Happiness Report

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