Celebrate Climatarian Week!

Bulk shopping reduces food and packaging waste

What is a climatarian?  A climatarian considers the foot-print they are making when they make their purchases. The idea is to buy local and reduce beef and dairy.

My suggestions on being a Climatarian:

* Eliminate beef, and reduce dairy consumption
* Walk or take public transport to purchase groceries.
 *Participate in Meatless Monday, and go meatless often.

Use real dishes

*Buy in bulk and refill your own bottles.
 *Work to reduce all food waste and compost any food waste you have.
 *Choose minimal packaging, and recycle as much as possible.
 *Use real dishes!
* I love “clean out” the refrigerator stir fry or soup.
*Shop food co-ops, farmer’s markets and eat locally grown foods, and grow your own food.



One thought on “Celebrate Climatarian Week!”

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