Its Good News!

Electric Cars:

**Norway, the world’s happiest country, knocks it out of the park again. Watch PBS at Norway

**India plans to make every car electric by 2030, and Volvo is going to make its first electric cars.

Renewable energy 

**Germany and Scotland break renewable energy records.  Read about it at Scotland   and at Germany  

And, more good news….

** Switzerland says yes to renewables, and to exit from nuclear power.

**California Senate passes legislation to go 100% renewables by 2045


Renewable Energy Generates Jobs for Nearly 10 Million People

Education news:

**Wonderful news, Tennessee–Is going to offer free community college

**Wind Power Gives Oklahoma Schools a Lifeline During Budget Cuts. Read about it at lifeline 

This is my occasional series on good news.



Get into the Recycle Mindset!

recycle, recycle, recycle
recycle, recycle, recycle

An interesting video comparing recycling in the United States and Germany.  What do you think??

I see soda cans and plastic bottles in the trash. What are we thinking?

Bottling companies should do more, like this!
Bottling companies should do more, like this!