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Participation Is Power

This election is already too long, too silly, and too expensive, but please don’t sit it out! Choosing the next president of the United States is a long cumbersome process, and such a small number of people actually participate in this beginning … Continue reading

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Loving A Mild Winter, My Superior View

“There is a privacy about winter that no other season gives you. Only in winter can you have longer, quiet stretches when you can savor belonging to yourself.”  Ruth Stout January has been a month of peace, quiet and intense … Continue reading

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Pure Michigan?

As you drive into Michigan you are greeted with an advertising campaign,”Welcome to Pure Michigan” with images of clean pure water.  Could the millions spent on this campaign have been put into actually keeping their water clean?  Even when Governor … Continue reading

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Ready for City Composting? Food waste composes about 30% of our landfill waste. If left to rot in landfills it can create green house gases, and if it is burned, it pollutes the air. We can change food waste into a new healthy material … Continue reading

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Just say, “No straw!”

Just say “no” to straws My series on #31daysoflesswaste continues: How can you use less plastic today, and everyday? Below is an exciting campaign to eliminate the use of straws. It gives you hope! Keeping plastic out our oceans, lakes … Continue reading

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Resolutions to help You and our Planet to Better Health

“If everyone does a little bit, it adds up to a whole lot!” health4earth We all need to take some personal responsibility to make ourselves and our planet healthier. Below are some of the things I work for everyday, and I hope … Continue reading

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