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Dear Gov. Dayton

This is a message to Minnesota Governor Dayton asking him to veto the legislation that takes away Minneapolis’s plastic bag ban. Below is my letter to the Minneapolis http://www.startribune.com/ It was published a few months ago. It is ridiculous the Minnesota … Continue reading

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The Horrifying Impact of Plastic Pollution

This is the third blog this week I have done on plastic. If this doesn’t cause you to reduce plastic use, nothing will.  Plastic is harmful to wildlife, but it is also ending up in our food. Make reduction of plastic-use a daily … Continue reading

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When It Comes To Plastic

Yesterday I was at the public library in Superior, Wisconsin.  I was impressed with an educational display by Wisconsin Coastal Management . They had a large display of trash that a student group had picked up from a one day beach … Continue reading

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Jeff Bridges On Single-Use Plastic

Jeff Bridges has taken on plastic waste and has an excellent video and list of ways to reduce your plastic pollution.  See his video here. Here are 10 easy ways to reduce your plastic footprint: Bring your own shopping bag to the … Continue reading

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Our Plastic Life is Sad

A recent study by the Ellen Mac Arthur Foundation has found that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.  This is a terrible man-made crisis, and not enough is being done to stop the cascade of … Continue reading

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Just say, “No straw!”

Just say “no” to straws My series on #31daysoflesswaste continues: How can you use less plastic today, and everyday? Below is an exciting campaign to eliminate the use of straws. It gives you hope! Keeping plastic out our oceans, lakes … Continue reading

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Erase Plastic Pollution

My series on less waste continues: We can all do something about this tremendous influx of trash and I will be posting ideas for 31 days on how to reduce trash and waste: Plastic, what an amazing and awful product … Continue reading

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