Actions For Kindness

Be kind
We all want to live where we are respected

Respect and kindness

What kind of world do you want to live in?

How can each of us show more respect for the Earth and all human beings? We all want to live in communities that respect who we are, thrive, and are healthy. None of this happens by accident. Each of us can work for better communities by limiting the noise we create, pick up after our dogs, pick up litter , sweep our sidewalks, smile, be friendly and talk to people. How hard is that? We can create environments that are pleasant to live in, and it doesn’t cost any money! Kindness creates a ripple, it radiates out, and helps create a happy environment.

Also, think of the children. They are watching us. What kind of role model are you for them? Always tell the truth, and be sure you follow the rules: slow down your driving, stop for stop signs, watch for children, pedestrians and bikers. Yes, our communities can be safe, healthy, and friendly to everyone! See the Actions for Happiness calendar below for many actions for respect and kindness:

Work for kindness and respect
Ideas for kindness

August, Get Outside!

Monarch caterpillars on swamp milkweed
Monarch caterpillars on swamp milkweed

Superior views,  August 2014

August sunset in a murky sky
August sunset in a murky sky

August is the best month of the year on Lake Superior.  The weather is perfect, and there is so much to enjoy.  The dog days of summer don’t happen here, and it is perfect to be active outside.

Many baby birds are everywhere . The young chickadees, purple finch, and song sparrows are more interested in  playing and having fun than their safety. A song sparrows even tries to play with a chipmunk.  Grosbeaks and vireos eat berries from the elderberry bushes that are a month late to bloom. Screeching juvenile eagles sit in the white pine overlooking Lake Superior, but the day’s excitement settles down when a fox walks through to check out the days activity.

Temperatures are 70 degree perfect, but the sun is murky and the lake hazy from wild fires in Canada,

Many pollinator plants are trying to bloom because of the still cold lake, and the bee and butterfly numbers are low as they wait for their favorites to blossom!   The very best has been the swamp milkweed with four monarch caterpillars eating their leaves.

Swamp Milkweed
Swamp Milkweed