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Justice For All

Life Liberty and Happiness These words from the Declaration of Independence which declared our independence from Great Britain on July 4, 1776. Today is the USA’s 241st birthday. It appears to me that more people than usual are thinking about what it … Continue reading

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Kindness and Gratitude

Wishing you a week of kindness and gratitude

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A Special Hundred Years, Celebrate!

Happy 100th Birthday to Our National Parks!  Many of us have vivid memories of visits to our national parks.  Our parks are for the common good of all, and are an important function of government. National parks represent The United States in history, … Continue reading

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A Win-win for Pollinators and People

How can you help our pollinators? Our pollinators are struggling to survive.  There are things we can do in our yards to help pollinators. The mono-culture of perfect green turf grass lawns does nothing to help our struggling pollinators. I have … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Love Clean Water and Clean Air Love Clean Energy Love our Earth Love our Diversity Love Love Love

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